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King of Prussia Kickboxing Contact Information

Address: 970 Pulaski Drive
Devon, PA 19406
Phone Number: (215) 622-6725
Description: Finally! REAL KICKBOXING with REAL RESULTS! In our Kickboxing/Boxing classes, our main focus is on fitness,weight loss, strength and conditioning, and sculpting lean muscle mass. You will improve on strength, endurance, flexibility, and muscle tone. With our upbeat cardiovascular workout, you can burn over 900 calories in one hour! This is not your typical health club kickboxing or taebo. You will be put through the paces of a pro fighter. Wrapping your hands, jumping rope, shadow boxing, learning proper footwork, body mechanics, punching and kicking combinations all while learning a real and practical self-defense. We don't punch air in our class! You will be working on your own heavy bag, which is big part of your resistance training. Regardless of your gender, age, current fitness level and abilities, we focus on instructing each individual as an individual. It doesn't matter if your a fine tuned athlete, or haven't ever worked out a day in your life, we help our students to progress at their own pace. This gives everyone the confidence to participate and achieve their goals. What are you waiting for? Schedule your FREE consultation and one on one intro session. 30 day FREE trial.
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